Graphing program for ODB-II Code Reader

I don't have an expensive, self-graphing code reader. This works just fine for the cheap Harbor Freight one. When it stores the data, it saves it in a huge long list of text values. I had trouble reading the data like that, so I wrote a short C# program to read in the data, parse it, and display the data on a graph as information. this way I could see the changes and how the sensors interact over the specified time period.

Things I liked About This Project:

It did amost exactly what I wanted it to. It took a long list of data and displayed it as information in a readable form.

Things I Didn't Like (Or Would Have Done Differently):

Depending on the sensors you poll, the graph can get very crowded. I let you use checkboxes to filter out some of the noise, but I forgot to resize the coordinate plane so that you can zoom in better. My neighbor is a mechanic, and he liked to graph, but when I asked him about the readings, he looked at the long list of data. If you're used to seeing the data listed like that, I guess you know what you're looking at. Professional mechanics may not find this useful, but I did.

What You Need:

How It Works:

(Assuming you actually want to troubleshoot your vehicle)
  1. Connect your reader to your vehicle
  2. Select 'Store Data' or something similar on the code reader
  3. Select the sensors you want to poll, mine read longer if I selected less sensors
  4. Time (in seconds) is shown along the 'X' axis.
  5. Once you have the data stored, disconnect the reader from the vehicle and connect it to your computer
  6. Using the driver software, download the data file to your computer, mine stored as *.dat files
  7. If you just want to test out the program, you can use some test files I have
  8. Open the graphing program and OPEN your stored .dat file
  9. IMPORT the selected file, the selected file will be displayed below
  10. SHOW GRAPH will draw the graph for you
  11. You can check/uncheck the sensors so you can focus on just the readings you want to see